Hasta la Vista, Windows Vista: End of Lifecycle Support!

Every journey must come to an end, and the one we had with Windows Vista is not the exception. Microsoft will discontinue Windows Vista on April 11th and all of the systems or programs that are currently running the operating system will no longer receive technical support or security patches.

If you are a Windows Vista user, this means your computer can be exposed to cyber-attacks in the future, due to security vulnerabilities. Fortunately, Geeks on Site has some recommendations to avoid this.

Windows Vista Users, it’s time to upgrade!

It’s true that when a piece of software reaches the end of its lifecycle, it can continue to operate just fine for approximately 5 years or until the computer breaks down. Although, this isn’t a desirable option. Without a supported operating system, you become the most vulnerable target for hackers and you can lose all of your data.

Windows Vista

Browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer have dropped support for this operating system. Mozilla will do the same and Firefox plans to end it this coming September. Windows Vista will be an obsolete operating system and you have two options to avoid this eventually from affecting your computer:

Option 1. Upgrade your operating system.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your OS, you can definitely do it only if your PC meets the system requirements for the latest Windows versions. Since Microsoft is now investing resources towards more recent technologies, the best operating system you could choose is Windows 10. You can buy an upgrade to Windows 10 and do a clean installation. Remember, if you need help with the installation or need to double check if your computer is adequate for Windows 10, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

Option 2. Contemplate buying a new PC.

When installing a new operating system, you have to consider your hardware. PC manufacturers installed Windows Vista from 2006 to 2009, which means most of these machines are now 8 to 10 years old. If your PC doesn’t meet the requirements for Windows 10, you should consider buying a new one that does. Here at Geeks on Site, we also have quality equipment so you can upgrade to Windows 10 without stress. Also, Geeks on site includes free set-up of your new computer by a certified technician.

Don’t be an easy target for cyber-thieves and keep all of your files protected. Giving up to Windows Vista and switching to Windows 10 is the right long-term investment for any PC user.