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Geeks On Site is a dedicated Computer Repair  team with a vision of  providing premium computer repair and tech support services to homes and businesses. We can solve your computer problems remotely via the internet or, if we have technicians in your area, send onsite help.   

We currently have onsite technicians available in:

  • Little Rock, AR

Everywhere else, we can service remotely. We are the earliest (and still one of the best) innovators in the remote computer repair field and one of the first companies to provide remote repair services in Arkansas. We will make your computer faster, remove spam ware & viruses, and help you with any other computer problems you may have. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our 24/7 support services include:

Home Computer Services

  • Computer Software Repair
  • Wireless Network Setup
  • Data Recovery and Back up

Business Computer Solutions

  • Server Setup & Support
  • Backup Services
  • Configurations for Routers & Firewalls
  • Outsourced Information Technology Support

Call Us Today 1-888-360-GEEK (4335)

Here’s what some of our most recent Customers are saying about us:

[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : The service is always fast! I appreciate the monthly calls to remind me to get my computer serviced. It is very easy to do and doesn’t require me to leave the house even!

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[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : I can trust that my computer is going to be running as well as it should when your technicians are finished working on it. The technicians/customer service I have talked with are also always polite and professional.

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[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : Just appreciate the time you took to repair all the virsus’s my computer had. I have not had a chance to test yet. However, I did watch and note all that I could see and understand as to the problems. Again, Thanks.

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[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : You are professional and extremely tolerant and understanding of those of us that are not computer literate. Thank you!

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[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : Any and all technicians I dealt with were extremely helpful and had all the patience in the world with me. I am very satisfied.

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Our professional staff are available 24/7!
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