Computer Repair – Florence, SC

With a growing population of over 33,000, Florence, SC is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing cities in the Southern part of the United States. And with a growing population, it means that services like Geeks on Site will be much needed.

Our computer repair service company manages a team of highly skilled individuals that are dedicated to providing the best technical support and customer services to both homes and businesses everywhere. In order to go the extra mile in comparison to the other companies, we make sure to offer benefits that other services don’t provide.

One of these benefits is working on your schedule. Meaning we can help you out no matter what time it is. It could be 7AM on a Monday or 7PM on a Tuesday, we’ll be ready for your call and help you out.

Our 24/7 support services include:

Home Services

  • Computer Repair & Service
  • Wireless Networks
  • Data Recovery
  • Desktops & Laptops, Mac, PC, All Brands

Business Solutions

  • Server Setup and Maintenance
  • Backup Solutions
  • Router & Firewall Configuration
  • Outsourced IT Support

Additionally, while we can send one of our trained staff to to your location and help you out, we can also provide assistance through remote online access. That means you won’t have to worry about waiting around for someone to get your problem fixed as we can do it from our side and you can spend time doing something more important.

So when you have a problem with your PC, Macbook, network or anything else, contact us and find out why we’re the best in our industry.

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