Computer Repair – Tempe, AZ

Your PC is not working properly and you have a term paper due within the next few days. Sure you can ask your computer nerd of a friend to help but he or she could be busy. That’s why Geeks On Site is there to help. Their team of dedicated experts can provide premium quality computer repair and support services whether you’re a college student needing help, a business owner with PCs needed to be fixed or just a homeowner that needs help installing their modem.

Our services can be done at home or even remotely. Giving you more time and money to spend on more important things like catching at game at ASU or hiking Camelback mountain.

Our Support services include:

Home Services

  • Computer Repair & Service
  • Wireless Networks
  • Data Recovery
  • Desktops & Laptops, Mac, PC, All Brands

Business Solutions

  • Server Setup and Maintenance
  • Backup Solutions
  • Router & Firewall Configuration
  • Outsourced IT Support

Additionally. our services are available 24/7. So you can contact us at any time of the day and any day of the month. Call Now 480-626-0759.

Local Technicians Available.

Call 480-626-0759 to verify exact service areas.


computer repair in tempe