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Geeks On Site is a nationwide network of computer professionals that provide onsite and online computer repair services. We are the “Nation’s Premier Computer Repair and Tech Support Company” that serves people’s homes and businesses by means of on-site visits as well as over the internet repairs. After guiding you through a series of simple steps over the phone, one of our expert technicians will be able to connect to your computer via the internet and use your mouse & keyboard as if he were sitting in front of your computer! This option is great because you don’t need to haul your computer to a repair shop and leave it somewhere for days.   Our remote repair technology allows you to see everything a technician is doing on your computer. If you´re too busy to watch you can carry on with your day. Once you’re connected you’re free to go. We’ll give you a call when we’ve finished working on your computer.

If you prefer an onsite visit, call to see if you’re within the radius of one of our Technician’s service areas. We currently have onsite technicians available in:

We are pioneers in the remote computer repair field and one of the first companies to provide remote repair services in New York. We can tune up your Mac or PC to make it faster, remove viruses and protect it from further harm.  Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you ever have a computer related emergency, give us a call! 347-308-6389 (Write this number down now, you never know when you won’t be able to access the internet!)

Our 24/7 support services include:

Home Services

  • Laptop and Desktop Repair, any make and model
  • Virus Removal
  • Lost Data Recovery
  • Wi-Fi Network Setup
  • Corrupted Software repair

Business Solutions

  • Outsourced IT Support
  • Server Installation and Setup
  • Data Back up and Recovery
  • Router & Firewall Setup

Call Today 347-308-6389

Here’s what some of our most recent Customers are saying about us:

[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : I was amazed you were able to do all that work on my computer without me even having to bring it in somewhere. I haven’t had a chance to totaly check it out yet , so we’ll see what happens when I start using it.

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[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : The 1st service I called could only offer to pickup my computer in 2 days to check it out. When I called Geeks On Site, a satisfactory resolution was begun immediately with out my computer leaving my house. That’s the kind of service that is appreciated and leads to referrals.

Validation Code: 1324030510

[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : Well I don’t know much about computers so when something went wrong I just looked up computer repair in phone book and I am glad that I connected with you because you did everything without me mailing the laptop or going to a repair shop.  It was a wonderful experience and I thank you very much.

Validation Code: 1550030510

[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : Very friendly & nice to a person who is not a whiz at computers. I appreciated that.

Validation Code: 1845030510

[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : The service was wonderful and the technician Rick was very professional and informative and patient.Thank you for being there.

Validation Code: 2008030510

[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : I think it’s fabulous that you can diagnose and correct computer problems by remotely taking control of my computer and making the necessary corrections.

Validation Code: 0725030610

[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : Your techs did AN EXCELLENT job working with me and getting my computer fixed. It has never run so fast or efficiently.

Validation Code: 1157030610

[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : You are very professional, helpful and courteous. I appreciate being able to see online what is going on as well,  that you will work hard to find out what is going on with my computer and then fix it.

Thank You
Validation Code: 1608030610

[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : The person that first dealt with on the phone seemed to know exactly how to solve my problems with out making me feel dumb and since I am an older individual and did not grow up with computers I appreciate that

Validation Code: 0258030710

[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : You were quick and efficient. I didn’t have to do anything. I just watched you work. Thank you.

Validation Code: 1005030710

[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : Not only do I use Geeks on Site here at work, I also recommended you to my elderly father (84). We both rely on Geeks to keep our systems clear of harmful intruders. We have no complaints only praise. Thanks

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We have technicians all over the New York.
Contact us at 347-308-6389 to find out more.

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