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  1. Recent Studies Show that Active Seniors Are Expected to Increase Online Usage in 2015

    PCs seen as key Web connector for older Americans, with tablets on the rise, says Geeks on Site CEO

    January 22, 2015, Miami, Florida – Increases in computer usage and online access among older Americans 55+ are expected in 2015. The device of choice for Americans aged 65 or older is still the desktop PC. Mobile phones and tablets are increasing in usage among Boomers as well.

    Active seniors are deepening their use of computers and digital tools, according to the Pew Research Center, and the outlook is robust for older Americans’ increased digital connectivity in 2015. Growth in the percentage of older adults (65+) using the Internet has been steady — now nearly 60 percent — though not as fast as the growth for all adults (86 percent of American adults now go online regularly). Look at some of the recent numbers:

    • 44% of smartphone owners age 50+ access the Internet or check email daily from their device (Pew).
    • 89% of seniors 65+ have personal email and use it regularly (Nielsen).
    • 41% of internet users 50-64 and 27% age 65+ say they watch videos online (Pew).
    • The top four online websites for people over 60 are Google, Facebook, Yahoo and YouTube (AARP).

    “As Baby Boomers age into their 60s and 70s, they are showing a determination to stay current with digital technology’s advances,” notes George Otte, CEO of Geeks on Site, the Miami-based computer repair and services company. “We see an increased reliance on using the Internet, but with more comfortable access models like desktop computers, rather than smartphones and tablets. It’s within this segment that we see an opportunity to guide and help these Boomers.”

    Older Americans are also increasingly using tablets and mobile reading devices like Kindles for pure digital reading and book storage. But for daily Internet use, adults 65 and over are working with desktop PCs more frequently. As a result, they are often inadvertently prone to attracting malware and spyware. There is an opportunity to educate this audience and increase their knowledge of the dangers and scams that exist online.

    “Our home tech teams often find that senior adults aren’t quite sure about when e-mail attachments look suspicious, or when clicking a URL in what looks to be an authentic e-mail leads the user to a computer virus,” Otte says. “These are the types of computer users that our company Geeks on Site can help. Baby Boomers didn’t grow up in a digital environment of mistrust, and as such, they can be shown how to recognize certain Internet and computer warning signs.”

    Geeks on Site is a leader in the PC repair and services category, among both residential and commercial locations. Geeks on Site provides safe and convenient computer repair and services via online remote PC repair delivery as well as traditional on- site, in-home and in-office service. This includes support for PCs, networks, printers, scanners, smartphones, MP3 players, software and hardware support.

    About Geeks on Site

    Geeks on Site is among the fastest-growing companies in the residential and commercial computer repair industry. The Miami, Florida company provides safe and convenient computer repair and services via online remote PC repair delivery as well as traditional onsite, in-home and in-office service. Geeks on Site provides support for PCs, networks, printers, scanners, smartphones, MP3 players, software and hardware support. Click to for more information.



  2. Geeks on Site Launches New Training Plus Service

    Wednesday, June 27th, 2014 – Geeks on Site, a nationwide premium computer repair and service company, announced today the addition of a new service to its portfolio. Training Plus service, with 2 hours block at a discounted price, is the new offering the company has launched to empower its customers.

    The Geeks on Site new Training Plus Service will assist customers with any computer topic they request, from the basic to the advanced. George Otte, Geeks on Site President & CEO, said “We will help our customers feel comfortable and updated with today’s computer programs and software; our certified experts are available within a day of the request of our Training Plus Service”

    This new Training Plus Service can cover a myriad of topics such as, Windows 8 Operating System, Microsoft Office programs with its multiple functions, navigation around the Internet world, and much more. The Geeks on Site new Training Plus Service, will teach customers on how to set up and use an email account, just write a document on Word, or create a spreadsheet with formulas on Excel; any computer guidance will be provided within this new Service.

    Geeks on Site looks forward to continuing top quality computer repair service, now with the addition of the new Training Plus Service. “Customers’ satisfaction is our company’s number one priority, this is the reason why we are launching the new Training Plus Service, because our customers requested it and we heard their voice” said Otte.

    More about Geeks on Site

    Since 2002, Geeks on Site has been a company with a team dedicated to providing premium quality computer repair and support services to homes and businesses nationwide. Geeks on Site is one of the fastest growing companies in the computer repair industry, it is also one of the pioneers in the online remote computer repair, being one of the first companies to provide this method of service nationwide.

    Visit or call 24/7 at 1 888 360 GEEK (4335) to learn about the different computer services Geeks on Site has to offer, including the new computer Training Plus Service.

  3. George Otte, Geeks on Site President & CEO, exchanges views about the cloud computing with Steve Wozniak during LSA 14

    During the 2014 Local Search Association Conference, featured speaker, Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak exchanged with George Otte, Geeks on Site President & CEO predictions for consumer technology, more specifically , the “online cloud services”.
    “We pretty much got into this cloud world” said Wozniak, after Otte asked him about the timing of the Desktops and Laptops without an OS. Wozniak mentioned there is no privacy on this “cloud world”, and suggested there should exist a type of “Computer rights declaration” to assure the protection of your information.

  4. Remote Repair article written by George Otte featured on!

    Technology news outlet featured George Otte’s guest post regarding the history and future of remote repair. Click on the logo below to read this informative article.

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