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Geeks On Site is an Online Computer Repair company with a team dedicated to providing premium quality computer repair and support services to homes and businesses nationwide including Oklahoma. We are a network of professionals that serve businesses and homes by means of both onsite visits and remote online repair. One of our expert technicians can visit your location, or they can also fix your computer via the internet. One of our operators can guide you through some very simple steps that will allow our technician to connect to your computer and fix it via the internet.

If you prefer an onsite visit, we can arrange for a technician to visit your home or business. Call us to set up an appointment today! We currently have onsite technicians available in:

  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • Tulsa, OK

We are one of the original founders of the remote computer repair industry. And because of our innovations and expertise, we are one of the first companies to provide our unique remote computer repair services all over the United States, including places like Oklahoma and its many cities. We can make your computer run faster, remove viruses, and help you with any other computer problems you may have. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you ever have a computer related emergency, give us a call! 1-888-360-GEEK (4335) (Write this number down now, you never know when you won’t be able to access the internet!)

Our 24/7 support services include:

Home Services

  • PC and Mac Computer Software Repair
  • Wi-Fi Setup
  • Data Back up and Recovery

Business Solutions

  • Outsourced IT Support
  • Server Setup
  • Data Back up and Recovery
  • Router & Firewall Setup

Call Today 1-888-360-GEEK (4335)

Here’s what some of our most recent Customers are saying about us:

[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : I did not have to take my computer out to get fixed. The service was fast and everyone I talked with was nice and helpful.

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[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : I like the 24-7 support. David was very helpful and informative. I like getting remote help so I don’t have to take my computer somewhere or make a home appointment

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[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : So far so good. Everything is working much better and more quickly. I really appreciate your help. It was much easier then having to take the entire computer to a computer shop.

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[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : You responded right away and actually fixed my computer in about one hour. I really appreciated that. Sometimes, the time has been really long (5-6 hours) and this time it seemed a bit more reasonable. I think your services are superb! Have a great day & weekend.

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[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : My computer problem was immediately solved within minites. I was very impressed with the technician and had him continue to check out my computer and set up my printer – over the phone. This prevented me from having to carry my computer elsewhere; not knowing for how long. This was a big PLUS!

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Contact us at 1-888-360-4335.
Our technicians are here to help you out.

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