Computer Repair – South Carolina

Geeks On Site is a computer technical support and repair company that is dedicated to solve home and business computer issues both onsite and remotely via the internet. If we have technicians in your area, one of our expert technicians can visit your location. Alternatively, if we feel it’s something we can solve remotely, we can connect to your computer through a series of steps over the internet to solve your computer issue. Choosing one of these two options depends on your problem.

In South Carolina we currently have onsite technicians available in:

  • Columbia, SC
  • Charleston, SC
  • Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Greenville, SC
  • Spartanburg, SC

We are one of the best and most trusted people in the online remote computer repair industry, but we are also known to be are one of the first companies to provide this method of service on a nationwide scale. That means we can provide our assistance to the people in  places like South Carolina and other states in the in southern part of the United States. We are one of the fastest growing computer repair companies in the industry. We remove viruses, spamware, malware, trojans and tune up your computer to make it faster,  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If  you ever have a computer emergency, call Geeks on Site at 1 888 360 4335. (Write this number down, you never know when you won’t be able to access the internet!)

Our 24/7 support services include:

Home Computer Services

  • Laptop and Desktop Repair (PC and MAC)
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) Setup and Trouble Shooting
  • Data Recovery and Backup Servise

Business Computer Solutions

  • Router & Firewall Configuration
  • Server Installation & Support
  • Backup Solutions
  • Outsourcing of IT Support

Call Us Today 1-888-360-GEEK (4335)

Here’s what some of our most recent Customers are saying about us:

[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : you were very prompt and courteous. The men were very helpful and i enjoyed the experience with them.

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[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : You guys are terrific!! I’ll call you again if and when I have another problem.

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[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : The technician that helped me was very knowledgeable, competent, and curteous. Geeks on site did all the work… Problem solved! Thank you.

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[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : every process was professionally done and I am impressed.

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[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : A Trojan Horse infected my computer and you repaired it in record time. You gave me complete information on what happened to the best of your knowledge. You also assisted me in long-term planning to have a backup in case something like this happens again.

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Local Technicians Available

Call 1-888-360-4335 for exact service areas

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