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Geeks On Site is a Online Computer Repair company with a team dedicated to providing premium quality computer repair and support services to homes and businesses nationwide including Wisconsin.

We are able to provide customers in Appleton, Milwaukee, and Madisonwith onsite technicians who can visit your home or business. If you’re in Wisconsin but nowhere near the aforementioned cities, we can fix your computer remotely via the internet.

We are one of the fastest growing companies in the computer repair industry. We are also one of the pioneers in the online remote computer repair industry, being one of the first companies to provide this method of service in Wisconsin. We remove viruses, tune up your computer to make it faster, and can help you fix your computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

24/7 support services include:

Home Services

  • Computer Repair & Service
  • Wireless Networks
  • Data Recovery
  • Desktops & Laptops, All Brands

Business Solutions

  • Server Installation & Support
  • Backup Solutions
  • Router & Firewall Configuration
  • Outsourced IT Support

Call Now 1-888-360-GEEK (4335)

See what our customers say about us:

[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : Chris A. the technician, was very polite and efficient. He not only solved the problems but explained how to prevent them in the future. The whole process was pleasant.

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[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : when I call, the response is always immediate and the problem taken care of.

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[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : you guys saved my life today but I’m not really sure what happened last night but I’m not going to worry about it as long as everything keeps working !!!!!!!

Validation Code: 1206013110

[Rating] : 9

[Comments] : You make me fee not so alone out there in e (for ether)-land.

Validation Code: 1226013109

[Rating] : 10

[Comments] : The problem that was encountered, I had never seen before and didn’t know what to do. The Tech hadn’t seen the problem either, but he corrected the problem and now my computer now operates better than it did before.

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