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The Best Password Managers for 2015

How many passwords do you have? 20? 200? Or do you just have one single one for all your logins? If you don't use a strong and unique password for every website, you should use a password manager. The typical password manager installs as a browser plug-in to handle password capture and replay. When you…
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The Best Ways to Prevent Data Loss

  Everyone should adopt strategies to ensure critical information is protected from corruption and loss. Best practices: Never upgrade any system without a verified backup. Use up-to-date hardware and software utilities for data security, such as firewalls and virus protection. Scan all incoming data for viruses, including packaged software. Use ventilation, fans and/or air conditioning…
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How to Back Up Your Smartphone

Dealicious Mom featured one of our recent blog posts regarding the best methods to backup up your smartphone/mobile device. Click on the image above to read our featured post. focuses its editorial content around consumer deals and freebies for its readers. There's great information all around, take a look!
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