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Category : Internet Security

How to Avoid Rouge Emails

A Reminder on How to Avoid Rogue Emails You have probably seen our posts about various phishing schemes that can wipe out your computer - and eventually your bank account. Such schemes exist in your email, and nowadays, social media profiles. The messages you receive look authentic enough, but carry varying consequences. Our monthly newsletter…
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The Best Security is a Good Password

In the past, we have discussed various Internet safety tactics, such as how to keep your computer secure, and ways to remember how to do so. This time around, we will go into a little more detail about another topic mentioned from time to time: passwords. Internet passwords are everywhere nowadays, and for good reason.…
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Too Good to be True Offers and Links

Think Twice Before You Click That Random Link Your Friend “Sends” You You have probably gone on Facebook or Twitter numerous times and among the status updates and pictures shared, you found a curious-looking link. Maybe you received an email directing you to a particular website, or inviting you to check out new “pictures” elsewhere.…
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How to Watch for Phishing Attempts Online

You receive an email or phone call informing you that you are the grand prize winner in some “lottery”, or that your banking information was somehow compromised. Beware! You should not pay the email any mind, and definitely avoid clicking the link. However, many have indeed fallen for phishing scams, and lost hundreds, if not…
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Why Browser Protection is Important

Although the Internet greatly enhances a computer, it also has the ability of rendering it useless. Whereas a computer user may consider restricting internet use for fears of computer harm, safe and conscious navigation is recommended. Updating your Internet Browser greatly determines the vulnerability of a computer when a user is online. The following information…
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Be Safe Shopping Online

The popular blog Adventures of a Couponista featured one of our blog posts regarding tips to shop safely online during the holiday season. provides coverage coupons, deals, giveaways and frugal tips, as well as travel entertainment, parenting and motherhood information.
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