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Updating Your PC to Windows 8

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8, has recently been introduced into the information technology market and many Windows users are considering updating their Personal Computers with this new software. The information regarding Windows 8 in the media has left many perplexed and many wonder if it’s even possible to upgrade to the new operating system.…
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Troubleshooting Your Wi-Fi Home Router and Modem

1.       Make sure your modem and router is plugged in correctly and has power. Start out by making sure the modem/router is plugged in correctly and powered on.  Although it may seem that this could not be the problem, you may consider pets/children accidentally brushing up against a power cord, stepping on a fuse breaker, or…
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Late Night Computer Repair Services

Don’t Let Late Night Computer Issues Slow You Down It's very late at night, you're working on a critical assignment, either an essay for school or a report for work. You only have a few hours before it's due, when all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, your computer simply stops working. It could…
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George Otte, our Company’s President, quoted on!

Our company's president, George Otte, was recently quoted in an article regarding Congress' desire to store everyone's text messages as a means to facilitate future criminal investigations. Mr. Otte's knowledge regarding data storage allowed him to make a very valid point; who will pay for this massive the massive safe-keeping and data processing?  Click here to…
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Computer America interviews Geeks on Site President, Mr. George Otte!

Our company president George Otte, recently got interviewed by "Computer America," a computer and tech news radio outlet. The conversation allows you to learn about our President's motivation and history behind the conception of Geeks on Site.   Mr. Otte describes how Geeks on Site began as a one-man operation and how through his persistence and dedication it grew…
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Be Safe Shopping Online

The popular blog Adventures of a Couponista featured one of our blog posts regarding tips to shop safely online during the holiday season. provides coverage coupons, deals, giveaways and frugal tips, as well as travel entertainment, parenting and motherhood information.
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How to Back Up Your Smartphone

Dealicious Mom featured one of our recent blog posts regarding the best methods to backup up your smartphone/mobile device. Click on the image above to read our featured post. focuses its editorial content around consumer deals and freebies for its readers. There's great information all around, take a look!
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