Remote Computer Repair

With Geeks on Site's Remote Service, you don't need to leave home!

Even during these times when extra health precautions are needed, it's important to keep your computer in top shape. With Geeks on Site's Remote Service, you can avoid visiting crowded shopping malls or having a technician come inside your home. Our remote technicians can do the same job, but via the internet so you and your computer remain protected.

For a flat fee, our technician can connect to your computer in minutes. The process begins by installing remote software that allows the technician access to your computer with your permission. The tech uses the software to inspect and troubleshoot issues, perform maintenance, and make repairs - all in real-time.

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Call 888-360-4335 to get started!

We can help you:

Clean up Adware/Spyware

  • Clean up Adware/Spyware
  • Speed-up your computer
  • Install/update software
  • Resolve e-mail issues
  • Get rid of pop-ups
  • Provide support to peripherals (Printers, Scanners, etc)