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Luis Mendoza reconfigured my scanner and then printed out pictures with his instructions page and step to do what I wanted. He was so patient and courteous putting up with me. Obviously I am not the most conversant with the modern technology. In short, I thought he did a fantastic job in fixing the problem and instructing me. He was a joy to have. Made me a real believer in your service and he is a very good asset to your company.

, Venice, FL November 27, 2018

Michael was GREAT

, Overland Park, KS November 26, 2018

Luis did a great job of getting my computer up and running. He also has a great personality.

, Bradenton, FL
October 18, 2018

Did an excellent job as usual. They always fix any problem I have.

, Jacksonville beach‚ FL
October 2, 2017

Whenever I need help with Computer stuff they get it tended to quickly. Like this morning, took about 1 hour to get me back up and running. Not only are they technically very competent, the people are fun to visit. I've recommended them to others for years, and they have also been very happy. I highly recommend!

, Omaha‚ NE
September 29, 2017

I inadvertently downloaded malware on my computer. Thanks to Sergio and Luis, my computer is free of malware! I can't thank you enough!

, Bendersky‚ FL
September 25, 2017

Luis came to our home and was absolutely wonderful! He not only knows "his stuff" but is very pleasant as well. Next call for work here, will be for Luis! Thank you!

, Palm Harbor‚ FL
September 7, 2017

did a great job.long process,butthey got rid of the viruses.

, Jacksonville beach‚ FL
August 31, 2017

The people at Geeks are fantastic. The reps. that I talked to (STEVE AND MAURICE), were very professional and easy to talk to. The Tech (ANNIE) was great and fixed my problems right away. Thank You. Cris LaPorte

, Frankford‚ DE
August 19, 2017

The initial on-line service on my computer required 14 hours. The problems were resolved. ALL service people I spoke with were very professional, explained their plan and delivered excellent results. I have had one call back due to a mistake I made. It was resolved quickly. On my first call, I was promised "resolution of all issues" for a fixed price. Even after 14 hours, there was no mention of additional charges. Thank you.

, Allen‚ TX
August 8, 2017