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I called right away after shutting down my computer. The tech walked me thru each step and with minutes the problem was determined and a fix was on the way.

, Reynoldsburg, OH
March 4, 2013

I have a very old computer and Geeks on Site has not attempted to sale em anything. I get just the service that I am paying for and no judgment about the age of my tool.

, Indianapolis, IN
March 2, 2013

Very professional, had answers as the process went along. Much better then the stores offer.

, Waterville, MN
March 1, 2013

I could go about my plans for the day while tech 9 fixed my issues.

, Saint Louis, MO
February 28, 2013

My computer was hardly working at all. Thank goodness David was so knowledgeable. Also my tech who tried to solve my problem on the phone was wonderful too. All in all I would recommend Geeks on Site!!!!

, Marina del Rey, CA
February 18, 2013

The level of service you provided us was outstanding.Your expertise saved us from a real nightmare. Thank you.

, Montgomery, VT
February 18, 2013

Staff member was pleasant and efficient. Great job, very helpful

, Homewood, IL
February 12, 2013

Agent Patrick was very neat and clean in appearance. He worked efficiently and quickly. A perfect gentleman.

, Carson City, NV
February 4, 2013

Professional service. Easy to use. Reasonable price.

, Barnum, MN
February 1, 2013

You always take care of our problems so that we feel comfortable with your service.

, Sherwood, MI
January 26, 2013